Fabulous Hands

Our Fabulous Hands Collection is just what you need to care for your hands and nails, with each one offering treatment remedies with anti-ageing, healing and beautifying properties.

This collection includes the finest ingredients and botanical extracts including White Water Lily to stimulate the microcirculation, Vitamin E as a major antioxidant and healing agent, Wild Rose to nourish and revitalise the skin, Comfrey to reduce inflammation and encourage skin cell turnover and Sunflower Shoot Extract to preserve the skin’s structure and quality, creating results driven formulations that are a pleasure to use.

Our hand care regime will help you to transform your hands and nails with the botanical extracts together with the Australian Emu oil which has anti-ageing, healing and moisturising properties, while maintaining your manicure at the same time:

First, use our antibacterial Nourishing Hand Wash to cleanse, rehydrate and refresh your hands. For a more relaxed approach add the Hand Wash to a small bowl of warm water and soak your hands for a couple of minutes and let the Emu Oil repair and hydrate the skin while the plant extracts of White Water Lily, Comfrey and Wild Rose encourage cell renewal whilst soothing and revitalising the skin.

The next step is to gently remove any dry or dead skin using our Exfoliating Hand Scrub applied to wet hands. Our Hand Scrub combines the buffing effect of orange peel with vitamin C to protect against free radicals and jojoba beads to cleanse the hands of dead skin cells and brighten them. Hemp Seed provides omega 3 and 6 with linoleic acid and Emu Oil hydrates and tones. Your hands will be left feeling replenished and super silky to the touch!

After rinsing your hands with warm water apply our Intensive Anti-Aging Hand Serum formulated with anti oxidants, Vitamin E and Isoflavones to help reduce the appearance of age spots and improve the appearance and quality of the skin. The serum also contains Sunflower Shoot and Lupinus Albus Seed Extracts to improve skin elasticity and firmness as well as to encourage collagen production.
This is an important step to take if you are looking to reduce any age spots and want to improve the appearance, firmness and elasticity of your skin whilst nourishing and soothing the hands and leaving them visible silky.

To give extra suppleness to your hands apply our Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion with intensive moisturising properties. The White Water Lily, Comfrey, Hemp Seed and Wild Rose plant extracts will help to maintain the moisture levels and immediately transform, illuminate, nourish and soften your skin.

Finally paint your nails with an on trend colour for summer such as a vibrant hot pink or a sunny orange. Or if you’re feeling less adventurous opt for a softer shade like pale pink, powder blue or sherbet yellow. To keep newly painted nails looking as good as they can be always have one of our Mandarin and geranium scented Hand Protection and Finishing Sprays to hand in your hand bag to improve the texture and feel of your skin whilst protecting your painted nails.

The spray forms a breathable film helping to protect your hands and nails from drying out and from environmental aggressors that could lead to ageing. Perfect for use after our Hydrating Hand Lotion as it helps to lock in all the moisture from the lotion.