How to Prep Your Feet for the Summer


It’s time to get our feet summer ready, but are your feet ready for the big reveal?

We’ve all experienced that last minute rush for a pedicure before a summer holiday. From built up callus to full blown fungal infections, it often takes the prospect of having to bare feet in the warmer weather for us to see the full extent of how bad they really are, after being imprisoned in warm socks and shoes all winter.

Imagine being able to slip on those flip flops or strappy heels without the worry of nail infections, blisters or unsightly cracked and hardened skin all year round. There are simple at home steps and treatments you can take to get healthy, gorgeous feet, so you can eliminate that dreaded rush to the clinic.

Here is some advice on how to get your feet looking pretty for the summer by our Founder and CEO Margaret Dabbs:

How can we get feet back in tiptop condition for the summer season, so they are again healthy and look beautiful?

What people often don’t understand is that the correct products used in the right way can really make a difference in transforming the feet.

For example, it is important that feet are always filed when the skin is dry – that is before you have showered. The reasons for this are quite simple: firstly, a foot that has been bathed masks the areas that need to be treated – you simply cannot see the dry skin or callus in the same way. If a foot is prone to cracks in the skin, bathing will weaken the tissues, making the crack more likely to open up. Finally, skin does not adhere as well to wet skin and so will not be as effective.

Similarly, intensive moisturisation is essential to a superior pedicure, as feet go through the ageing process in exactly the same way as the face. The skin thins, the sub cutaneous fat is lost and sweat glands reduce in effectiveness. So it is important to re-introduce moisture into the skin of the feet.  You would not consider exfoliating the face without following it with a foot moisturiser, the same applies to the feet. Do bear in mind that the skin of the feet is 12 times thicker than that of the rest of the body, which is why a body lotion just will not work.

It is for these reasons I formulated the Margaret Dabbs London Fabulous Feet collection – products that are luxurious yet effective and will give you visible and long lasting results.

Four steps to get your feet summer ready:

Step 1 – Treat yourself to a salon pedicure. If you happen to be in the UK, I would recommend our signature Medical Pedicure treatment in one of our clinics across the country

Step 2 – Follow this up with a dedicated routine of home treatments to prolong the incredible results. I would suggest using the Margaret Dabbs London’s Professional Foot File and the award winning Margaret Dabbs London Foot Hygiene Cream, designed to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and deeply moisturizing.

Step 3 – Use the foot file twice a week on dry skin, remember to be careful not to over-file, and always follow on by applying a moisturiser for the best possible results.

Step 4 – This, as well as daily moisturizing with our Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, will help to improve the condition of the skin, including cracks, callus, blisters and broken skin and discolored, damaged nails.

After all, if you look after your feet, your feet will look after you.