Foot Cleansing Wipes - NEW!

Margaret Dabbs London – USA

$ 22.00

Foot Cleansing Wipes

Foot Cleansing Wipes are the latest addition to the Margaret Dabbs London exclusive collection of award winning foot care products. These Foot Cleansing Wipes have been expertly formulated to cleanse and refresh tired, hot and perspiring feet. Deodorising yet gentle, and with moisturising benefits, these foot wipes are infused with cooling and anti-bacterial extracts of Witch Hazel, Apple and Willow Bark.

This handy luxury product is scented with fresh, invigorating Lemon Myrtle, leaving feet looking clean, and feeling energized and odour-free. Australian emu oil, a wonder ingredient, which forms the base of Margaret Dabbs London products, contains anti-inflammatory and hydration benefits.

Perfect for use when you are out and about, travelling, or for those who love bare feet and the outdoors.

    • 20 Foot Cleaning Wipes

    Directions: Using one cloth per foot, wipe thoroughly all over the foot, starting on the top to include the toe nails, then between the toes and finally the sole of the foot. Dispose of the wipe after use.


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