Night Bunion Splint - NEW!

Margaret Dabbs London – USA

$ 58.00

Night Bunion Splint

Margaret Dabbs London introduces the newest addition to its award-winning Fabulous Feet range, The Margaret Dabbs London Bunion Support. Perfect for those who are concerned that they are developing a bunion, for anyone who experiences an ache of the bunion joint, anyone who has a family history of bunions, those who have developed a bunion which is apparent visually with or without pain to the joint, or for people who just have a fear of developing one. Can be used bilaterally or just for one foot.

Wear and tear changes of the bunion joint cannot be reversed but this effective, easy to use splint is expertly designed to alleviate pressure on the big toe joint by supporting the big toe and encouraging normal alignment and therefore slowing the deterioration of the development of the bunion. It helps to improve the look and feel of your feet by aiding the relief of pain and discomfort associated with bunions whilst encouraging the normal alignment of the big toe.

The support can be worn on a bare foot at times of relaxation to encourage the big toe joint to realign to the correct position. It should be worn initially for shorter periods of time, and the period of use built up; it should be fixed to remain comfortable and as the toe gets used to the support it can be tightened further to encourage joint mobility and normal alignment. It is perfect as a gentle alternative to invasive intervention of the big toe and is convenient to wear.

Used throughout Margaret Dabbs London clinics across the UK and internationally, the Bunion Support is available for L or R feet and stands alongside an expert-led, results driven collection of products and tools designed to encourage foot health and to give you back your foot comfort and confidence.

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