Soothing Foot Powder - NEW!

Margaret Dabbs London – USA

$ 26.00

Soothing Foot Powder

Expertly formulated, this silky Soothing Foot Powder adds a new dimension to the Margaret Dabbs London collection of award-winning foot care products - focusing on the health of the feet, whilst remaining beautifying a pleasure to use.

This fine, delicate powder is designed to help control sweating by calming and deodorising the skin. Blended with the highest quality natural extracts, this must have product will leave feet luxuriously soft to the touch, while protecting from fungus and bacteria. Australian Emu Oil, our signature wonder ingredient which forms the base of Margaret Dabbs London products, works to deeply moisturise and help relieve uncomfortable, itching feet, while Tea Tree and Vitamin E protect and nourish the skin. 

This multi-tasking, luxury product is scented with fresh, invigorating Lemon Myrtle, leaving feet feeling calm, smooth and dry. 

    • 25 grams

    Directions: Apply twice daily to clean dry feet by liberally dusting the feet with powder, paying special attention to the soles and between the toes. Wear clean dry socks or hosiery daily.


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